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There is never a dull day in school, take a look through our school blog to see what we’ve been up to recently...

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  • 18/12/19

    Year 3 Bushcraft

    As part of our hook for our English unit on Explanation texts and linking to our Geography on the Polar Regions, the children experienced an amazing and interactive morning gaining survival skills as if in the Arctic.  We were very fortunate to have Michele and Matt from Royal Victoria Country...
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  • 18/12/19

    Year 4 Science

    In Year 4 we have been looking at teeth and digestion as part of our Science work. We discovered that there are different types of teeth and they are each specially adapted to do different jobs. We explored the inside of our own mouths to discover how: our incisors are wide and thin to cut through o...
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  • 15/11/19

    15th November 2019 - Year 6

    Year 6 Science by Lucas and Rosina
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