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Weston Park Primary School

Weston Park

Primary School

15th November 2019 - Year 6

Year 6 Science by Lucas and Rosina

Year 6 Science

We have had a really exciting start to our science learning in year 6. We learned about blood and the different parts in it. We now know about the ‘ingredients’ of blood and the function of each cell. Red blood cells oxygenate the body and white blood cells help fight off illnesses and remember the illness so our bodies can fight it easily if it comes back. Platelets help secure a wound by creating a scab to heal the injury. Finally, plasma carries salts and enzymes around the body.

We did an experiment which involved us making blood by adding different ingredients to a cup, each one representing each cell. First, we added 1/3 of a cup of water to the cup (the plasma) then we put in 2 cherries, which were the red blood cells. Next, we got 3 butter beans making the white blood cells. Then lastly, we had a handful of lentils as platelets. Once we had added all of the ingredients we had made blood out of kitchen items. Learning about blood in Science last term was interesting and fun – we loved it!

Lucas and Rosina Year 6