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Weston Park Primary School

Weston Park

Primary School

15th November 2019 - Year 5

Year 5 English

In Year 5 the children have been learning to write persuasively. They decided to write a letter to persuade Mr Wiltshire to extend break times. The children worked very hard to come up with the benefits of longer break times and key points that would speak to Mr Wiltshire as a head teacher.

They used these to create strong persuasive arguments using skills that they have been learning about which were emotive language, modal verbs, rhetorical questions and power of three sentences.

When Mr Wiltshire read these well considered arguments  relating to the health and learning benefits additional break time would provide, he was so impressed he gave (for one day and one day only) the whole of Year 5 an extra 10 minutes of break that afternoon. The children were so excited that the letters had worked!