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Weston Park Primary School

Weston Park

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Real Legacy

REAL Legacy! PE Blog

Commencing in November 2019, Weston Park Primary will become a Legacy school for Physical Education. This project is delivered over 2 years and includes REAL PE, REAL GYM, REAL PLAY and REAL LEADERS.

In PE sessions, the children learn the fundamental movement skills necessary for good physical literacy as well as the vital personal, social and cognitive skills needed to succeed in PE as well as all other aspects of life.

This learning is supported by resources provided by Create Development in their ‘REAL LEGACY’ package.

We are really looking forward to working with the REAL LEGACY team over the next two years and developing PE and School Sports even more. 

Please look out for more information on the REAL PLAY project as from time to time your child may be sent home with home challenges after PE lessons, so have fun taking part and spending time with your child.