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It's cold out there!

Year 2 Blog

In Year 2 we have been learning about the Arctic and Antarctic in Geography.  As part of our Art we have also been learning skills that we have put together to create an Arctic collage scene. During our science lessons we have been looking at the Arctic habitat where the polar bear lives, how they are suited to this environment and how the habitat provides for their basic needs. As part of our SMSC development, we have also been looking at the impact of global warming on the arctic habitat, the loss of sea ice and how this has meant the polar bears are finding hard to catch their prey, seals.

Our children were very concerned about this and we researched some charities that could help. We came across the good work WWF do and the children decided they wanted to adopt a polar bear from WWF knowing their money would make a difference to global warming and the arctic habitat destruction.

We have written to the parents asking for a donation towards their child’s art work as a way to raise the money we need to be able to adopt a polar bear. We have been amazed with the response and keep counting our collected money regularly to see if we have reached the £36 target. If you would like to donate towards year 2’s fundraising appeal please feel free to drop your donation into either of the school offices.