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Weston Park Primary School

Weston Park

Primary School

Year 4 Science

In Year 4 we have been looking at teeth and digestion as part of our Science work. We discovered that there are different types of teeth and they are each specially adapted to do different jobs. We explored the inside of our own mouths to discover how: our incisors are wide and thin to cut through our food like scissors; our canines are more pointy to allow us to tear and rip food; and our pre-molars and molars are broad and bumpy to help us grind food before swallowing.

After exploring our own mouths, we looked at the way different animals have different shaped teeth. Using what we had learned about teeth, we could identify that herbivores had large incisors and molars for eating plants, but often have no canines. Carnivores, however, have larger canines to help them separate meat. Omnivores, such as humans, have all types of teeth roughly the same size so that they can eat meat as well as plants. We even got to examine animal skulls to see the different teeth up close!