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Weston Park Primary School

Weston Park

Primary School

Extraordinary Acts of Kindness

Acts 1 to 8:

Act 8: We have heard that you enjoyed our staff video! We would like to thank you all for your kind responses to it. We are so proud of our Weston Park Primary School community. Our staff are now working on another little video project to remind you all once again that we are thinking of you. We will release our next video on Friday 8th May. In the meantime, thank you and take care. 

From all the staff at Weston Park Primary School.

Act 7: On behalf of all the staff we'd like to thank a parent/carer for bringing our staff some lovely flowers to enjoy! Thanks so much. 

Act 6: We would like to thank a parent/carer who bought the most delicious chocolate cake for the staff earlier this week. It is really not expected or necessary but I can confirm it was very much appreciated! I can also also confirm that the chocolates that were delivered to the school today were also hugely appreciated. On behalf of all the staff working this week, thank you! 

Act 5: The staff at Weston Park Primary school are always an unbelievably positive group of people. I cannot thank the staff enough for their hard work and incredible attitude during this really uncertain time. I am very aware that they too have families and responsibilities to their own children and parents, for example, beyond the school. The staff at school show continual kindness by working really hard from home to prepare pupil learning and by making a real success of our reduced school provision. I would like to thank this really special group of people. 

Act 4: We would like to thank parents and carers once again for all the positive messages! Here's an example that we share with the anonymous parent's permission:

'Thank you for pulling together the homework packs and sheets each week.  They are SO HELPFUL! We miss coming to School and seeing our friends, we hope that you are staying safe and appreciate everything you are doing so our nurses, doctors, supermarket staff and many others who are keeping our country going through this time can carry on with their roles.'

Act 3: A parent brought a number of bags of sweets into school to share among us. Our thanks for another Extraordinary Act of Kindness at this time! 

Act 2: We'd like to thank all of the parents and carers who have sent messages of support at this time. We are so grateful to receive your messages of positivity. Our thanks to you too! Please keep safe and look after each other. 

Act 1: Last week a parent/carer arrived in school as normal. However, last week was not necessarily a normal week for most. The parent/carer had a freshly baked cake for the school staff with her. On behalf of the staff, our thanks for a lovely gesture and a delicious cake!