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Weston Park Primary School

Weston Park

Primary School


If your child is absent from school please notify the school office as early as possible on the first morning of absence. Parents can leave a voicemail message at any time, please remember to state your child’s full name and the reason for absence when leaving a message. Parents can also report absences via an app called “Studybugs”, by emailing or via the MCAS app. These apps can be downloaded free of charge and are available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Good attendance at school (over 96%) is a fundamental part of your child’s education. Poor attendance impacts significantly on progress, learning, friendship groups and the child’s overall happiness at school. As poor attendance at school is seen as an indicator for neglect the school has a duty to work with social services and the educational welfare service to ensure families support attendance. For those who fall below the 96% target for attendance parents can expect the school to consider further action that could include social services involvement, penalty notices, court proceedings and fines. If you are having difficulties with your child’s attendance please contact the school as soon as possible so that we can work together to resolve the issue. If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff the school office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Our Attendance Officer is available to meet parents every morning.


If your child arrives at school late they must report to the school office to be added to the register. Punctuality is very important and late arrivals are recorded and monitored with similar follow up activities for children with poor attendance.

The school day begins at: 8:55am
The school day finishes at:

3:15pm (Key Stage 1) 

3:15pm (Key Stage 2)

Before School

Parents, carers and children are able to have access to the school site from 8.30am.

When the bell goes at 8.45 am children are able to quietly and sensibly walk into the school building as this gives them time to get organised for their learning, have the opportunity to talk to their friends, teacher etc. Teachers are in the class ready to supervise the children that come in at this time and TAs supervise the doors.

Any children that choose not to come in at this time, when the bell goes at 8.55 am will just walk quietly and sensibly to their door and go in.

  • Years 3, 4 and 6 will come in via the junior school playground.
  • Year 5 will come in via the side entrance from the path to Chamberlayne field
  • Years 1 and 2 will come in from the infant playground.
  • Year R will go in through one YR door.

At the end of the day

Teachers will escort the children to the appropriate outside door and children will be told not to leave until the adult they are expecting collects them. Parents are requested to notify the school in advance if they wish their Key Stage 2 child to walk home without an adult or collect a younger sibling.

Parents must notify the Class Teacher or school office before 2:30pm if some-one else is collecting their child.